Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacancy - THE IRISH RED CROSS-INDONESIA DELEGATION : Hygiene Education Assistant


is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Hygiene Education
Assistant in WATSAN department. The purpose is to establish and ensure
effective working relationships with the other members of the team Ensure
effective working relationships with National Society counterparts and
leadership. This is a 3 months fixed term position based in the Banda Aceh.

Hygiene Education Assistant

Key tasks and responsibilities:

1. Undertake designated project activities in target as directed by Sr.

2. Assisting WATSAN Software activities (including PHAST and other
participatory methods as well as other capacity building processes) in
conjunction with PMI volunteers and community WATSAN committees.

3. Ensure and facilitate community assessment and information exchange
at all times

4. Preparing financial reporting of activities as directed

5. Support construction supervisor technically with respect to the
implementation of the works

6. Assisting translations and communicate with government bodies as

7. Assisting continuous monitoring and provide regular and structured
feedback to program manager. Monitoring of work progress, with construction
supervisor (project diary, ensuring material transportation, quality
assessment of delivered material, overview of man-power and time-scheduling,
surveying the execution of works in accordance with the schedule of project

8. Maintain contact with authorities at various levels with other
relevant organizations and individuals within the humanitarian/ governmental

9. Prepare regular written reports

10. Establish effective collaborative relationships with other relevant
organizations and individuals within the humanitarian/ governmental

11. Accept other duties/responsibili ties as assigned by the Sr. WATSAN


1. University degree in Social science, sociology, social services or
related field.

2. In good mental & physical health

3. Relevant experience with client case management

4. Experience of working in water and sanitation works

5. Strong computer skills in MS Office, Internet applications

6. Good information analysis, report writing, and cross cultural
communication skills

7. Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English, Bahasa and good
oral Acehnese skills.

8. Ability to work well in a team environment and have a commitment to
encourage and support people to actively participate in their communities

9. Ability to comfortably interact with beneficiaries both on an
individual level and community level, as well as with government agencies,
PNS 's and NGOs

Applicants who are interested in this position should submit a recent
photograph, current salary and salary expectations for this position along
with your CV.

Applications should be received not later than Sunday, July 12 2009

Applications should be sent to:

Irish Red Cross - Indonesian Delegation

Attention: HR Officer

IFRC Banda Aceh Office

Jl.Ajuen Jeumpet No. 18 B

Desa Ajuen Jeumpet

Kec.Darul Imarah, Aceh Besar

Or by email to recruitment. ircs@gmail. com

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