Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OB VACANCY - National Coordinator - Area Partnership Porgram/Bright Future

CCF is an international child focused development agency working in 33 countries to create lasting and meaningful change in the lives of more than 10.5 million vulnerable, deprived and excluded children, families and communities, regardless of race, creed, gender or national origin. In Indonesia CCF has been operating for 34 years since 1973, in areas where the need is the greatest and currently reaches out to 900,000 children and family members in partnership with 50 local NGOs spread across 8 provinces. For more information please visit www.christianchildr ensfund.org

CCF Indonesia is currently seeking:

Position : National Coordinator – Area Partnership Program,
(Bright Futures)
Reporting to : National Director
Based in : National Office, CCF Indonesia - Jakarta


CCF has mounted on a major renovation of its program approach, aimed at refining development practices to achieve deeper and more sustainable impact on the root causes and effects of child poverty. As a result of a broad process of research, institutional reflection and dialogue with the partners and international development organizations, a number of far-reaching refinements are being implemented. These refinements have emerged from a methodical process of reflection, analysis, and benchmarking in the context of CCF's strategic plan.
CCF- Indonesia has drawn-up two-fold strategies to reform its program approaches, to adopt and adapt the enhanced development approach of CCF. CCF-Indonesia will implement the new program approach in its purest form to gain experience in Indian context. It will realign the present program operations in a decentralised manner with the new approach and incorporate the key processes of Area Partnership Programs.

Functional Summary
The National Coordinator – Area Partnership Programs (APP) will be responsible to the Program Director and work closely with the National Office, Area Offices/Zonal Offices to further strengthen the objectives of the enhanced program approach and to ensure the successful transition of NO to the new methodologies.
The National Coordinator– APP is responsible for overall management of the new development initiatives (Bright Futures) in the pilot area and also support in developing necessary systems, structures, building functional relationship and capacity building for strengthening the Area Partnership Programs.

Areas of responsibility

1. Facilitate readiness and transition planning at the National Office level:

To take lead in executing the Transition Plan to adopt and expand the enhanced program practices – Area Partnership Programs.

Facilitate and closely work with the Area Offices/Zonal Offices in devising Area Strategic Plans and long term perspective Plans

Work with Zonal Offices and Area Offices and ensure that necessary structures, systems and strategies are in place for effectively supporting and managing the new approach.

Provide necessary assistance and guidance to develop effective transition strategies both at the Area Office and National Office level

Maintain liaison and exchange timely information to all the Area Offices on the achievement and process of APP.

2. Facilitate capacity building and institutional strengthening of Associative

Facilitate building capacities of the Area Federations, Parents Associations and Child and Youth Agencies for strengthening the institutional base and increased ownership of the program.

Train and build the capacity of Area Managers/Coordinato rs and other staff members in conceptualisation, formation and strengthening of the Area Federations and other Associations at the community level.

Create and facilitate staff development opportunities for the Area staff with a focus on the Pilot Area based on their strengths and development needs

3. Develop Area level Program Planning, Monitoring and Communication:

Develop Annual Action Plan for the pilot area and other Area Offices with achievable indicators for promoting the Area federations and practicing the APP approach.

Manage the performance of the Area Team members and ensure communication amongst and between all the Area offices.

Ensure timely response to requests for information and support from the Area Offices and implement a regularly scheduled communication channel between all stakeholders.

4. Program Support:
Extend support for successful program planning, implementation and management including the Area Strategic Plan (ASP) methodology, quick start proposals, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation.

Ensure the Area Office staff members have undertaken adequate training and experience from implementation of APP.

Provide guidance to Area Offices in formalizing partnerships with community associations, Area level Organisations and partners for program implementation

Mentor in the area of facilitation of communication and identifying partnerships and networking with governments and other institutions working in the Areas,

5. Sponsorship Support:

Ensure respective allocated quotas are managed effectively and strategically with least deficit in the enrolment figure.

Ensure effective Safety Net and Benefit tracking system is in place across the Area Offices.


The National Coordinator position has to assist the Program Director during a time of transition and adopting a new enhanced program approach. The National Coordinator will be based in the National Office and spend a minimum of 50% time in the Areas.

• MA in social science/related field (or equivalent experience on working with community based institutions and associative structure building )
• Minimum of eight years of professional experience in rural development with National and International Development Organisations
• Demonstrated skills in participatory methods, facilitation, and capacity building
• Demonstrated training skills and abilities in management of organizational learning and change
• Excellent written, oral and visual communication skills
• Be able to effectively motivate staff in the field, which requires valuing diversity in cultures and perspectives, active listening, and the ability to transmit ideas in a clear and practical manner
• Be able to function independently, as well as quickly integrate into, and work effectively with diverse teams
• Experience of staff training, facilitation and/or capacity development and supervision
• Experience in outsourcing, team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, action planning and report, coaching/mentoring and human relations.
• Will possess excellent project management skills and computer proficiency
Attend to all other additional responsibilities entrusted as and when by the Program Director.

Please transmit CV and cover letter (in English) with the post title on the subject line explaining why you are qualified for these positions to hr@ccfindonesia. org cc to merry@ccfindonesia. org by close of business day of May 27, 2009. Please put in the CV your current or last salary/benefits amount and expected salary/benefits for this position.


CCF URGENTLY needs to fill in these vacancies. Short listing and interview decision will be taken AS SOON AS AN APPLICATION IS RECEIVED and a CANDIDATE CAN BE SELECTED BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION

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