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NGO Vacancy - Christian Ministry for Children Development

An International Christian Ministry for Children Development, is seeking
for highly motivated and experienced national staff to be based in
Bandung Office, for the position below :

A. Program Implementation Director (PID)

Job Summary

The Program Director leads the implementation of global directions for
all applicable core ministries and Complementary Intervention (CIV).
Ensures the organization is serving Implementing Partners with a vision
to build their capacity. Participates on the country management team
and has high-level coordination with other departments. Leads country
office growth strategy for core ministries and CIV.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

1. Working within one's influence, serves as an
advocate for children around the world who live in poverty and are not
able to speak out for themselves. This includes being informed about the
issues of children and influencing others to care about children who are
in need.

2. Leads implementation of global directions for all
applicable core ministries and CIV as stated in the Project Field
Manual. Ensures core ministries and CIV are focused on achieving
Child/LDP Student/CSP Mother-Child, Partner, and Sponsor/Donor Outcomes.
Ensures effective partnership agreements such that organization and the
Partner's meet their respective obligations. Leads development of an
Alumni Association where applicable.

3. Ensures the organization serves our Partners with a
vision to build their capacity to achieve effective holistic child
development. Ensures country office is committed to Partner
relationships characterized by mutual respect, trust and service.
Champions a commitment to intentional partnership development through
the development and implementation of a National Partner Development

4. Participates on country management team and carries
out "high level" coordination with Program Communications, Ministry
Support Services, and Country Director's office.

5. Leads Country office Growth Strategy for core
ministries and CIV to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of ministry
to beneficiaries. Uses mapping to identify areas of poverty and
potential partners. Sets new clustering groups and manages quota.

6. Leads and manages the Program Implementation
Department. Oversees the development and fulfillment of employees' work
and development plans. Provides regular feedback and conducts
performance reviews. Provides day-to-day support and counsel. Performs
administrative tasks (budgeting, planning, resources etc.).

7. Contributes to country office child advocacy


1. Masters or equivalent experience in Management/Leadersh ip or
Child Development.

2. Seven years experience in senior or middle level management.

3. Three years child development experience.

4. Strong team building and leadership skills.

5. Ability to develop strategic plans in a collaborative manner.

6. Ability to develop project proposals for funding.

7. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in
writing, in languages relevant to the country and in English.

8. A knowledge of personal computers using Microsoft Office for
operational management, including Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, and

9. Ability to manage more than 8 staff, including other

10. Willingness to travel.

B. Partnership Facilitator (Code:PF)

Core Duties and Responsibilities

1) Acts as an advocate for children by
raising awareness of the needs and potential of children in poverty by
challenging and enabling those within his/her influence to greater
involvement and effectiveness on behalf of children

2) Serves the local Partner with a vision to
build its capacity to achieve effective, holistic child development.

* Facilitates a relationship characterized by mutual respect,
trust and service that helps to build the capacity of partners as
reflected by the Partner Development Outcomes.

* Provides consultation and technical advice for Partner in how
to accomplish Child/CSP mother-child, Development and Sponsor/Donor
Outcomes, and facilitates internal and external resources to support
them. Does this in a differentiated manner according to the partner's

3) Manages Organization' s requirements as
well as its obligations to partners within the partnership relationship

* Ensures that the partnership addresses Child/CSP mother-child,
Sponsor/Donor and Partner Outcomes and meets the standards in the
Program Field Manual (PFM) and the Sponsor and Donor Ministry Field

* Facilitates the development of the Partner Planning and
Budgeting Form (PPBF) of partners each year which includes the planning
for the Child Development through Sponsorship Program (CDSP), the Child
Survival Program
(CSP) and Complementary Interventions (CIV), which are
activities that supplement and enhance CDSP and CSP.

4) Conducts monitoring, evaluation and
reporting activities for project partnerships.

* Monitors and evaluates progress against the Child/CSP
mother-child, Sponsor/Donor and Partner Development Outcomes through the
regular reporting of partners. Works with partners to set targets for
the outcome indicators.

* Evaluates fulfillment of requirements outlined in the
Partnership Agreement through regular project visits and the use of the
Partnership Grading Tool.

5) Facilitates collaborative relationships
within a cluster of partnerships. Carries out cluster-level meetings to
facilitate relationships and shared learning. Identifies and mobilizes
partners who can help in training other partners.


* Bachelor's degree is required, with a preference towards
field-related Social Sciences/Management /Theology

* A minimum of three years professional or intensive volunteer
experience relevant to managing ministry and/or other service

* Strong interpersonal relationship skills conducive to
utilizing facilitation, collaboration and negotiation and establishing
trusting relationships with a wide variety of people.

* Ability to work with only occasional supervision.

* Good leadership, general management, and problem-solving
skills. Ability to reflect Leadership Principles.

* Customer service orientation.

* Good written communication skills and strong verbal
communication skills

* Ability to travel domestically and be away from home for up to
two weeks at a time and no more than 100 nights in a year. Travel will
vary downward depending on the location of partners and whether or not
the person is field-based.

* Willingness to be placed at any project site in all around

C. Leadership Development Program Specialist (Code: LDPS)

Job Summary

The Leadership Development Program Team Lead interprets, contextualizes
and implements global LDP parameters. Coordinates all student
documentation and monitors and evaluates LDP outcomes, indicators and

Core Duties and Responsibilities

1. Working within one's influence, serves as an advocate for
children around the world who live in poverty and are not able to speak
out for themselves. This includes being informed about the issues of
children and influencing others to care about children who are in need.

2. Interprets, contextualizes and implements global LDP
directions and decisions as defined in the Program Field Manual.

a. Ensures LDP is focused on achieving student and sponsor

b. Manages the implementation of the LDP Curriculum.

1) Organizes LDP activities such as training workshops, seminars,
camps and orientation.

2) Coordinates network of external trainers, speakers and resource
people for LDP Curriculum training (in the absence of a Team Lead).

3) Monitors/follows- up on student performance.

c. Coordinates, trains and supports network of mentors.

d. Facilitates service opportunities for students. Assists mentors
and students in the development.

e. Ensures effective use and management of complementary
intervention activities in LDP.

3. Coordinates and facilitates the submission of all student
documentation for sponsors and donors. Ensures training for students on
documentation requirements. Coordinates the taking of student

4. Monitors and evaluates overall student progress against
outcome indicators.

5. Coordinates all administrative and documentation aspects
of the program. Coordinates program promotion and student selection.
Supports the planning, budgeting and reporting processes for LDP.
Coordinates LDP Advisory Committee activities (in the absence of a Team
Lead). Coordinates LDP student assignments and quota (in the absence of
a Team Lead). Assists students in budgeting and liquidation processes.


1. University degree in
Education, Leadership Development or Youth Ministry.

2. A minimum of three years
experience in education, leadership development or youth ministries.

3. Experience in young adult
ministry (college-age) .

4. Ability to develop positive
and trusting cross-cultural relationships.

5. Excellent communication
skills (interpersonal, written, public speaking).

6. Ability to organize and
track large amounts of data.

7. Ability to contextualize
scholarly material for educational and training purposes.

8. Ability to use information
technology; knowledge of research applications; experience in the use of
the Internet and presentation software.

9. Intermediate knowledge of

D. Partnership Auditor (Code: PA)

Job Summary

The Partnership Auditor assists the Partnership Auditor Lead in the
pursuit of partnership and beneficiary outcomes through on-site and
remote audits of partner entities.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

1. Working within one's influence, serves as an advocate for
children around the world who live in poverty and are not able to speak
out for themselves. This includes being informed about the issues of
children and influencing others to care about children who are in need.

3. Conducts audits on partnerships and programs against
documented standards in field manuals (PFM, PCFM, FOM)

* Travels to Partnership sites to conduct audits.

* Impliments risk assesment systems and audit techniques that are
consistant with requirments and standards

* Audits on a full range of manual standards ; (i.e. management,
operational, staffing, legal, planning, procedural, and financial

* Uses a facilitative approach in conducting all partnership and
project audits.

* Cordinates travel and audit schedule with appropriate Program
Implementation and Ministry Services staff

* Provides required domumentation and information for local
aartnership and project audits

4. Provides regular reports and insights to Partnership Auditor
Team Lead on partnership and program audit findings

* Raises awarness of complience shortfalls and concerns based on
audit results.

* Brings attention to specific areas of risk based on audit

* Provides insights and analysis of specific areas to address as
a result of the audit results.

5. Seeks advice, support and training from Partnerhsip Auditor
Team Lead to improve performance quality and effectiveness

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

1. Country appropriate level of Accounting, Auditing or
Business Management education.

2. Minimum of five years experience in accounting or

3. Knowledge of personal computers using Microsoft
for operational management, including Microsoft products.

4. Leadership and developmental skills that will
facilitate staff development and direction for auditing process.

5. Sound judgment and analytical skills.

6. Ability to handle sensitive and confidential
information delicately and appropriately.

7. Excellent interpersonal skills and both local
language and English communication skills (verbal and written) for
relating effectively with country office, project staff and Corporate
Audit department.

8. Able to travel up to 50% and work within a flexible
work schedule.

11. Knowledge and experience of relevant local laws.

Working Conditions

Ability and willingness to travel to remote or difficult places. May be
required to travel to potentially insecure regions.

The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions of
this job. It may be necessary for a person to perform other tasks as

How to Apply:

Please put your current and expected salary & benefits in the CV then
send 'only' your application letter & CV to HRD email:
recruitment@ id.ci.org Please put the code of position and your location
applied in the subject of your e-mail (for example : LDPS- Jakarta) and
please do not send any document of more than 1 MB.

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