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National Professional and General Service Post

POST TITLE : Facilitation on Inter-Sector Coordination and Monitoring of Posyandu Plus
SECTION : Health and Nutrition

Health Specialist – UNICEF Banda Aceh

2. PURPOSE OF THE POST (Statement of overall post accountability. )
1. To assist provincial and district multi-partner offices, including, BPM (Badan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), BRR (Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksi) , BPN (Badan Pertanahan Nasional) and health offices, as well as the newly re-established Posyandu task forces in endorsing the current (draft) annual Pos+ district plans as well as in analysis of progress and monitoring of annual activities in the frame of the proposed;
2. Assist Pokjanal Posyandu and BPM in implementing the midwives and cadres training activities as well as the process of assessment and modification to the inter-sector system to monitor posyandu based activities
3. To assist Pokjanal Posyandu at district levels (Aceh Besar, Bireun, Aceh Jaya, Aceh Timur, Nias and Nias Selatan in advocacy for improved programming for posyandu based activities (action plans, budgets, inter-sector collaboration)

40% 1. To collect, update, analyze, interpret and inform UNICEF Office and Posyandu Pokjanal at province level of progress on training and community mobilization activities ;
20% 2. Facilitate community participation and mobilization to ensure start-up and running of activities at POs plus opened sites, including those associated with supplies of Posyandu Plus, Hand over of Posyandu Plus & other relevant logistic issues
20% 3. Additionally, to assist the process of financial and activity reporting by partners and preparation and monitoring of supply component of ECCD Programme;
20% 4. To assist H&N team and Communication officer in preparation (multi-sector coordination, sectors action plan, budgeting, etc) of the social mobilization campaign on essential practices for maternal care

4. WORKING CONDITIONS (Do the duties of this post involve frequent traveling or unusual conditions or is it an office-based post?)

The consultant is entitled for 10 days of UNDSA (max) per month. The consultant is expected to develop his visit plan in consultation with Health Specialist every month prior to travel. The consultant is entitled to use UNICEF’s car during field mission, if there is no UNICEF’s car available, consultant is expected to rent a car and will be reimbursed by UNICEF.

5. QUALIFICATIONS AND COMPETENCIES required performing the duties of the post:
· Master degree in Social Science, Public Health or Community Development
· Various training in inter-disciplinary approach in health issues is an asset
· Understanding of local government policies, guideline and regulation on health development is a must
· Familiar with UNICEF Business Process, Programme Policies and Financial Circular
· Experience in working under extreme pressure to meet tight deadlines
· Good health and willingness to travel and work under difficult conditions. The candidate should be willing to travel

a) EDUCATION (Indicate the level of formal education and/or training and field of specialization required.)
Medical, Social Science, Public Health or Community Development Background

b) WORK EXPERIENCE (Indicate the length and type of practical experience required at the national and international levels.)
· Minimum 6 years of progressive experience working in Community Development or Community Participation
· At least 3 years experience in Early Child-hood Care Development project
· Experience in managing Project Document, Logical Framework and Plan of Action

c) LANGUAGES (Indicate the languages requirements)

Fluency (oral and written) in English and Bahasa Indonesia is required. Acehnese is an advantage.

d) COMPETENCIES (Indicate what key competencies are required, such as computer knowledge, management, communication, negotiating, or training skills, etc.)

Good computer skills in spreadsheet and able to communicate and write report in English
Planning, Setting Standard, and monitoring evaluation
Communication, Negotiating and Team work
To be made monthly following the receipt of a monthly report detailing activities.
Please send your cover letter and a CV in English with phones, emails and
street addresses of 3 referees to emuhari@unicef. orgcc shiu@unicef. org
Only short-listed candidate will be contacted.
Applications must be received by Friday, 27 March 09.
Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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