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Senior Indonesian Advisor on Association Capacity Building and Intergovernmental Relations

Project: Institutional Development of the Communication Forum of Local Governments and Legislatures of NAD Province (Forum KKA)
Implementing Agency: Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Forum KKA

Application deadline: Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Project Overview:

The experience of, and people’s expectations voiced during the Aceh local elections of 2007 has led Kabupaten/Kota governments throughout NAD Province to start building stronger vertical and horizontal relationships among Kabupatens/Kotas and with the provincial government. These aspirations triggered the establishment of the Communication Forum of Local Governments and Legislatures of NAD Province or “Forum KKA”, which was put in place with support from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) through the Canada/Aceh Local Government Assistance Program (CALGAP), funded by CIDA.

As newly established organizations, local government associations such as the Forum KKA have a unique set of issues they must contend with to ensure their organizational and financial sustainability. In order for member Kabupatens and Kotas and other levels of government to fully appreciate the services and benefits such associations can provide, the Forum KKA must build relationships, practice a collaborative approach and establish its credibility in the eyes of its membership and with the other stakeholders they work with. The purpose of the project is to develop the institutional capacity of the Communication Forum of Local Governments and Legislatures of NAD Province to support the Kabupatens and Kotas and NAD provincial government to attain Aceh’ s sustainable development objectives.

The project builds on the support provided by CALGAP until the end of March 2009 and is meant to continue institutional strengthening and the strategic advocacy relationship with the NAD provincial government, in particular regarding the Special Autonomy Fund and Oil and Gas transfers. The role played by the Forum KKA expands the cooperation to align Kabupatens/Kotas’ proposed use of the funds in areas such as infrastructure development, economic development and social services, particularly health and education. In addition, the project will strengthen the relations and services to member Kabupatens/Kotas as well as core functions of the Forum KKA, such as administration and management, communications and outreach to members, as well as the Forum’s overall financial and organizational sustainability. It is expected that at the end of the one year project, the Forum KKA will have attained a level of autonomy that will ensure its future
sustainability. The project also includes the collection of the lessons learned and good practices created through the establishment and the operation of the Forum KKA for potential replication in other regions of Indonesia. There is potential for the Forum KKA to be replicated to other provinces in Indonesia.

Major Purpose of the Position:

Working closely with the Executive Director of the Forum KKA and under guidance from FCM, the Senior Indonesian Advisor on Association Capacity Building (Senior ACB Advisor) will play a lead role in coordinating the implementation of the project and in delivering technical assistance aiming at strengthening the operational and financial sustainability of the Forum KKA.

The Senior ACB Advisor will provide guidance and practical experience to the Board of the Forum KKA to assess their needs, consider organizational issues, and plan and conduct the tasks required to conduct and develop its operations. She/he will advise the Board of the Forum in regards to board governance, programs and relationships with members. This includes, but is not limited to: Forum’s membership; Forum’s Secretariat operations; Forum’s members and leadership commitments; communication building among members and with other parties; Forum’s revenue generation and financial sustainability issues; Forum’s advocacy and outreach programs; Forum’s knowledge management functions; networking with other Donor organizations. She/he will also provide advice and direct coaching to the Secretariat of the Forum in order to develop the organizational systems required to perform their operations, in line with the mission of the organization and with
members’ needs.

The Senior ACB Advisor will be supported by Canadian local government association practitioners in areas such as policy advocacy, communications and relations with the membership, either through short-term missions or through on-going communications with the FCM Secretariat in Ottawa.She/he will be responsible for mobilizing specialized Indonesian technical expertise and resources required to fulfill the anticipated outcomes of the project. She/he will also contribute to monitoring the progress of the project and to maintain an organized system of knowledge resources and program management tools created by the project.

The Senior ACB Advisor position is a full time position, stationed in the Forum KKA Secretariat, in Banda Aceh for a one year period (from April 2009 to March 2010).

Position Functions:

Communication and Contacts
- Presentation and representation to senior audiences, including public and elected officials and representatives from the donor community.
- Writing professional reports and presenting information related to the program to various audiences.

Analysis and Decision Making
- Work autonomously and contribute to multiple and complex team dynamics to deliver projects (re: result-oriented approach; high sensitivity to relations with officials and stakeholders; coordination of activities between Ottawa HQ and Field Office; harmonization of conflicting agendas; high level of cultural sensitivity; etc.).
- Collect, analyze, synthesize and interpret complex information needed for the implementation of the program, often under tight time constraints.
- Contribute to the design of processes, tools and templates for the implementation of projects.

People Leadership
- Build effective team dynamics among Canadian and overseas volunteers and consultants and among various Aceh based stakeholders related to the local government sector to achieve goals and objectives (encourage and build commitment, assign work in line with deliverables, support and provide coaching, etc.), negotiate resource allocation and control the implementation of projects.

Required Skills and Experience:

- Master degree in public administration, social sciences or related fields (or equivalent experience);
- At least 10 years working experience related to local governance, local government associations, inter-governmental relations or management of NGO or associations, including experience with international development projects;
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills to help articulate complex issues and processes related to intergovernmental relations and negociations in Aceh amongst diversified parties with different, and sometimes opposing views and paradigms;
-In depth understanding of the particularities and existing mechanisms in the current Aceh environment under which Kabupaten/Kota and NAD Province are operating in (Special Autonomy law; Special Autonomy and Migas transfers; Tim Koordinasi; planning and priority setting issues between province and Kabupaten/Kota; provincial and Kabupaten/Kota capacity development issues; etc.);
- Experience in project management and in preparing professional reports for different audiences;
- Computer literacy: MS Office softwares (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and Internet navigation;- Bilingual (Bahasa Indonesia and English).

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