Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacancy NGO - Project Finance Officer

Project Finance Officer

Overall purpose:

The Project Finance Officer will plays a key role in covering all aspects related
to the financial management of KARINA and Diocesan partners in order to support
the successful implementation of projects. Focus will be on compliance,
sustainability and capacity building.

Key responsibilities:

The Project Finance Officer will be responsible for supporting KARINA staffs and implementing partners in budgeting and monitoring projects, managing all aspects related to financial reporting and insuring the standards of the projects comply with internal standards and international donor requirements.


Organize planning, training and capacity-building activities in consultation with KARINA staffs and the dioceses include the following activities:

1. Assists the Project Officers and implementing partners to prepare budgets during the preparation of projects.

2. Monitor the budget implementation during the reporting period.

3. Provides the financial analysis reports to the Finance Manager and the Support Division Coordinator.

4. Insuring that the financial reporting of KARINA projects is completed in a timely and
efficient manner, in accordance with internal procedures while complying with donor’s requirements.

5. Review the project finance position on a regular basis to monitor the progress and
verify the project is implemented in accordance with KARINA and donor’s financial requirements.

6. Verifies the vouchers, procurement procedures and all financial documentation related to the project when receiving the reports of implementing partners.

7. Makes an internal evaluation at the end of the project period.

8. Generates monthly and intermediary financial reports (time frame in accordance with donor’s requirements) for each project, checked by the Finance Manager.

9. Contributes to the capacity building of KARINA and the Dioceses if and when required by the management of KARINA.

10. Travel to Diocesan Caritas as required.

11. Update on all project contracts requirement such deadline reporting and eligible

12. Update all project reports on monthly basis.

13. Update all reports and vouchers from Diocesan Caritas.

14. Follow contracts regulations with Donors and MoU with local partners.

15. Recommend on closing old projects and reconcile project data.

16. Helping on data entry software when required.

17. Undertakes any other duties that may be requested by the Finance Manager.


§ Graduate degree in Finance/Accounting.

§ At least 4 years experience in a similar position.

§ Good knowledge in financial management of NGO, specially in project budget and financial reporting.

§ Experience in using accounting software.

§ Demonstrated ability to coordinate, design and conduct training in financial management.

§ Maturity, creativity, honesty and ability to self manage and work in a team.

§ Able to work under minimum supervision, but with a spirit of team work.

§ Hard woker, willing to work under pressure.

§ Fluency in written and oral English in compulsory.

§ Strong communication and presentation skills.

§ Tactful, accurate and excellent analytical thinking.

§ Excellent computer skills especially MS Office.

Period of contract

1 (One) year, from July 2009 until July 2010 (with possibility of extension).

Deadline for submitting application 11th July 2009 to: project.karinapfo@ gmail.com

For further details about KARINA, please visit: www.karina.or. id

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