Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacancy - The Environmental Services Program (ESP) : DAI-ESP Open Source GIS Software Programmer

DAI-ESP Open Source GIS Software Programmer (short-term)

The Environmental Services Program (ESP), a USAID project managed by DAI, is
recruiting *1 (one)* *short-term* *position of* *Open Source GIS Software
Programmer* to be based in *Malang** *for 45 days. The *Open Source GIS
Software Programmer* assignment is to develop numbers of plug-ins to improve
the standard developed MapWindow GIS, complete and comprehensive
modules/guidelines, and training for selected ESP East Java stakeholders.

This project will use spring protection and site selection concepts as the
test case study, which related to watershed management works, and he/she
will work closely with selected ESP East Java stakeholders. The plug-ins
needed should refer to ESRI ArcGIS modules, as listed below:

1. Shapefile editing;

2. Image registration;

3. Vector conversion;

4. HotLink feature to image, movie, documents, …

5. Join table;

6. Complete Geo-processing modules;

7. Length, perimeter, and area calculation;

8. Adding x, y coordinates;

9. DEM processing;

10. Complete Layout plug-in; and

11. Google Earth plug-in.


- The candidate should have at least a S1 degree in Computer programming
or Geography
- The Candidate should have at least 3 years experience in operating GIS
computer software, especially ArcView 3.x and/or ArcView 9.x, including
spatial analysis, raster image analysis and 3D analysis. Also in the use of
programming language program for software development, such as VB.NET,
C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi.
- The Candidate should have a high skill in spatial database management
and storages
- Previous working experience in USAID and/or International development
project is an advantage.
- Good interpersonal and fluency in English, both written and spoken, is
an advantage.

Please send cover letters and CVs to the Recruitment Officer at *
recruitment.esp@gmail.com* not later than *July 7th, 2009*. Only short
listed candidates will be notified. No telephone inquires will be accepted.

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