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Lowongan NGO - Cardno Acil : National Finance and Budgeting Advisor

Cardno Acil is part of a global consulting organization which manages projects for major donors, delivering aid work in core disciplines such as education, health, HIV/AIDS, governance, resource and environment management and infrastructure. Our work expands across Europe, Latin & North America, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. With over 2,500 staff worldwide, our vision is to be a leader in the provision of physical and social infrastructure.

Cardno Acil is the Managing Contractor (MCPM) for the AusAID-funded Australia-Indonesia Basic Education Program (AIBEP). A major role for the AIBEP is to support the current initiatives set by the Government of Indonesia to improve the quality of education through a number of major inputs.

Most madrasah, diniyah, and pesantren operate in disadvantaged and remote areas, serving low income communities, often of relatively small size. The current BOS program is important in improving equality in government funding for schools with average size, but not sufficient to equalize the quality of school inputs among disadvantaged pupils, particularly in private Islamic education institutions of relatively small in size. Efforts to make a more equal government financing system is crucial to the Directorate General of Islamic Education's efforts to provide equal opportunity for pupils in the Islamic education sub-system.

A review of the current financing, funding formulae and budget allocation system for Islamic education, including madrasah at provincial and district level, has been completed by MoRA Financing Development Team. The objective of AIBEP assistance in 2009 is to support and assist MoRA in developing the capacity of the Financing Team to:

• Finalize the review and produce a report at central level;
• Develop a financing strategy and system based on the review for inputs in Islamic Education Renstra 2010-2014, including identifying education costs, financing sources, budget allocation system and distribution mechanism;
• Develop funding formulae and guidelines for a more equal and more efficient government financing system of Islamic education;
• Socialize the guidelines to MoRA stakeholders for implementation.

Title of Position:
Finance and Budgeting Advisor

Duration and Timing of Inputs:
Commencing immediately until 31 March 2010, full time

Jakarta with travel to pilot districts

Qualifications and experience:
• Qualification in Economics of Education, Economics, Accounting or Education;
• Strong background in education financing and costing, understanding cost drivers in education, fixed and variable costs of education, education factor inputs, and funding formulae system development;
• Previous experience in reviewing the cost of education with particular attention to direct cost, analysing unit costs per-school and per-pupil, and analysing government and community financial support for education will be valuable;
• Ability to communicate effectively with government staff;
• Experience in designing equitable funding formulae in an education setting.

• Knowledge of madrasah and other Islamic Education institution financing from both government and community systems will be a great advantage.

• Report on the review of Islamic education financing system and funding formulae and recommendations;
• A proposal for a financing strategy and system, funding formulae and financing system for equitable government financing of Islamic education;
• Guidelines for the implementation of the funding formulae and financing system;
• Report on the socialization of the guidelines.

The adviser will be responsible to the AIBEP Senior Governance Advisor and the Director General of Islamic Education. He/she will be working closely with and assisting the Secretary of the Directorate General of Islamic Education and MoRA Planning and Financing Development Team to:
• Review and understand the government legal mandate in financing Islamic Education sub-system;
• Review current financing, funding formulae, and budget allocation system for Islamic education including madrasah that includes the last three years finance and budget allocation system of Islamic education and block grant;
• Develop funding formulae leading to more equitable and efficient government financing of Islamic education;
• Develop guidelines for the implementation of the funding formulae and the more efficient MoRA financing system;
Socialization of the guidelines to MoRA stakeholders;
• Perform other duties as required.

*** Please submit a comprehensive resume, current & expected salary to: hr.dept@mcpm- aibep.or. id

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Closing date for applications is 19 April 2009.

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