Monday, April 20, 2009

Lowongan NGO - CARE International Indonesia (CII) : URBAN COORDINATOR (South Sulawesi)

CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and micro-credit.

CARE INTERNATIONAL INDONESIA – South Sulawesi Office is currently recruiting for the following position:



The Urban Coordinator (UC) will supervise directly the Urban Community Facilitator (UCF) and implement peri-urban component of SWASH including facilitation of City Forums, the Sanitation Improvement Pilot Project in Makassar funded by Unilever and any other urban project that may obtain funding as match to SWASH.

The UC will work closely with the Project Specialists and external consultants, if applicable, in implementing project activities. The UC will be responsible for achieving the results outlined in the Project Implementation Plan on time and within the approved budget.


§ Coordinate project implementation with the Municipal Technical Counterpart Team (MTCT), other related sectors and projects;
§ Establish relationships with key project GOI and LNGO, CBO and private partners at municipality levels;
§ Supervise implementation of all project components in the related municipalities;
§ Prepare JDs, participate in selection and supervise Urban Community Facilitators (CF).
§ Assist the PM and MTCT in securing matching funds from related local GOI, municipal agencies and private sector;
§ Coordinate, facilitate and supervise the implementation of the project consultative meetings with municipalities, sub-municipalities and eligible communities during the urban village selection process. Facilitate needs assessment in the eligible areas;
§ Review and prioritize Letters of Commitment submitted by communities interested in participating in SWASH and other related supporting projects initiated in urban areas by SWASH. Assist MTCT (Municipal Technical Counterpart Team) in the selections of communities according to the selection criteria and process in an open and transparent manner;
§ Determine the training need necessary for the city forums component and other urban village projects.
§ Organize regular and annual review meetings with SWASH key stakeholders to monitor project progress and develop responsive actions for the problem developed.
§ Prepare narrative reports for any other urban project implemented as a part of SWASH (i.e. Sanitation Improvement Pilot project in Makassar).
§ Supervise data collection, entry and analysis for the SWASH urban component and other urban projects.

§ Have a degree Environmental/ Civil Engineering
§ 3 years experience in a related position
§ At least 3 years experience with International NGO and 3 years experience in related technical aspects in urban area
§ Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia
§ Ability to work with a team and with minimum supervision

CARE is an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive salary and benefits package, and a collegial working environment. Applicants are invited to send a cover letter illustrating their suitability for the above positions, and detailed curriculum vitae, with names and addresses of three referees (including telephone, fax numbers and email address). Please DO NOT attached academic transcripts and Diplomas.

Please submit your applications before 22 April 2009 to
CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:

recruit_314@ careind.or. id

“Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted”

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