Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There are three interrelated elements highly noted in the company to exist and to mutually strengthen, namely employees (right people), system, and facilities. The company views that the \"right people\" is in principle the main asset of the company who must have competency and also sound attitude which conforms to GarudaFoodâs culture. In addition to âright peopleâ, GarudaFood has also a system called GMS (GarudaFood Management System).

Besides considering the development of people and system, GarudaFood also builds a system of compensation and benefit, career path, career planning, and learning program to fill the personal needs of its employees so they become satisfied. These are aimed at achieving the quality of work and quality of life.

In addition to the personal life of employees and their family (Quality of life), the work environment (Working life) is also continuously developed. From here arises Knowledge Worker concept, namely employees, besides being competent, are also satisfied. Therefore \"Knowledge Worker Model\" in GarudaFood has two main aspects, namely competence (skill, knowledge, and attitude) and employee satisfaction (in regard to quality of life and working life). Through such Knowledge Worker will be borne creativity and innovation in products, processes, and procedures.

Such conditions constitute bases for the creation of GarudaFood Community which can serve as the initial step to materialize that what is called civic responsibility. Namely the companyâs efforts of becoming not only business community, but also capable of giving wider positive impacts by building âcompetitive cultureâ, character and personality development to its employees therefore the company jointly with its employees on an individual basis can form and color the development of the surrounding community. Therefore, employees are not only giving their contribution to GarudaFood, but also coloring wide community by becoming Agent of change.

For this reason, every individual in GarudaFood is expected to become not only a dynamic professional but also to achieve Peace of Mind such as set out in the Companyâs Corporate Philosophy, namely Dynamics and Peaceful.


Corporate Business Development

Business Development Manager (BDMW)

Corporate IT
Portal & Application Development (PADW)

Corporate Research & Development
Savory & Sweet Flavorist (S&SFW) Savory & Sweet Evaluator (S&SEP)

Legal Supervisor (LS-W)

Brand Manager (BMW)

For more information and Download application form please invite : http://www.garudafo od.com/careers. aspx

Closing date : 30 April 2009

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