Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handicap International Federation : Interpreter (Freelance)

Position: Interpreter (Freelance)
Venue: Mataram / Lombok
Date: 18 December 2010 and for future possibilities
Duration: Half a Day

*Term of Reference*
Handicap International Federation is an international humanitarian
organization formed in 1982 that works in the field of international
solidarity focusing in disability in more than 55 countries in the
world. Handicap International Federation Indonesia, in close
collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Republic of
Indonesia, implements activities that will allow people with
in Indonesia to have greater opportunities to exercise
their rights to enhance their dignity.

Currently Handicap International Federation is about to implement
Project on Inclusive Education in Lombok.
In preparation of the project, some meetings with several stakeholders
will be initiated, and for this purpose, an interpreter / translator(s)
is needed.

_Profile Sought:
_- The interpreter/translator needs to be able to do simultaneous
translation between English and Bahasa Indonesia, for topics around
Project Management, Budget, Partnership, Disability and Education.

- 2 years experience in interpreting and translation. Preferably with NGO.
- Knowledge about Project Management, Budget, Partnership, Disability
and Education.
- Available on 18 December 2010

How to Apply
- Please send your CV, contact details and Daily Interpreter Rate and
Translation Rate (per page / per word), to:

Subject: "Interpreter"

It is compulsory to mention rate of interpreter / translation.
Tests will be done for sort-listed applicants. For the 18 December
event, interpreter will have to work his/her transportation mode to the
location which will be detailed later on.

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