Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vacancy - CHF International : Contracts Manager

CHF International
is looking for Contracts Manager in Healthy Market Programs at Makassar.

Position Title: Contracts Manager – Incentive Fund

Location: Makassar

Hours: Monday – Friday 0800 - 1700
(with some weekend work).

Supervisor: BCC
Team Leader


Building on the Healthy Markets Program (HMP) in South Sulawesi, a market wide Incentive Fund will be available
to all market managers to provide small scale improvements at markets in Makassar and including Lambogo. The sanitation and
bio-security measures at all markets require improvement and managers will be
supported and encouraged to develop an innovative program that will provide
basic measures towards safer markets and poultry handling. The program will
leverage on the strong relationships between CHF and program stakeholders to
improve market conditions and reduce the risk of AI.

Using tangible incentives to raise awareness and make physical improvements, the market managers of traditional live bird markets will
be encouraged to develop innovative programs to address the risks for spread of
AI in Markets and risk-reduction measures. Through the HMP, they can apply for
funds to be supplied in the form of a grant agreement to a maximum of A$10,000.
These grants will be implemented over a period of three months. The grants will
be over sighted by a Contracts Manager (CM).

Scope of Work:

Serving as a member of the BCC team, the CM will provide technical support and advice to the market
mangers to implement improvements within their markets. The CM will perform the
following duties and tasks but are not limited to:

Participate in the award ceremony for the award
of the incentive funds. Once the Market accepts the award, the CM will
work with the market managers to develop an implementation plan
including anticipates funding timeframes.Preparat ion of the funding agreements with
the markets, outlining the expectations of the funding and signed by the market
manager and the HMP.The Markets will be required to establish or confirm
the existence of an account and keep separate books for the HMP
activities. The CM must maintain a receipt of such accounts;Oversight and administration of the provision of the
funding tranches to the markets manager (anticipated first tranche to be
30% of the total fund) transferred into the agency’s specified bank
account within two weeks after the agreement between the HMP and
the market funding agreement is signed; Within
two weeks after the agency has received the payment notice from the
HMP, the CM
must ensure that a written acknowledgement of the funding received should
be sent by the agency to the HMP. Afterwards, the CM will
manage the fund disbursement on a monthly basis to the market concerned,
dependent on adequate acquittal of the previous months allocation;

The market will submit a midterm Financial and Progress Reports to the CM. The mid-term Report will include detailed
breakdown of activity expenditure in accordance with the approved project
objectives. The CM will review the Progress Report and certify what has been
done, what has been delayed and adjustments required. The CM must be
prepared to stop funding if work is not done in alignment with the
proposal. Any irregularities must be reported to the HMP Program Director
immediately. The CM will monitor the progress of all funded
activities to ensure that they are successfully developed and completed in
accordance with the approved Proposal. The following steps will be
undertaken as part of the monitoring process:

Ø Conduct periodic visits to project sites and audits of financial acquittals;

Ø Review project progress reports on at least a monthly basis;

Ø Review project progress and completion reports.

The last 10% of the fund will not be disbursed until the activity is completed and a brief completion Report and acquittal of funds is submitted to the MP. 
On approval of project completion report, the PMO will disburse the final 10%.

Performing other tasks and duties consistent as directed by the BCC TL and Program Director.


Brief monthly summary reports of contract progress.

Requirements/ ExperienceCM must have relevant
experience in administering and
monitoring activity contracts including progress and financial reporting. Previous
experience administering and monitoring activity contracts including progress
and financial reporting and
experience with small grant funding mechanisms, including distribution of cash
advances to organisations that possess limited accounting and financial
management experience, would be very highly regarded. The CM must have good
communication skills to work within a multidisciplinary team and the ability to
liaison and networking with a range of service providers, including
market managers and private sector organisations.

Undergraduated from University with background in Finance is
desirable. The CM must be motivated and a
flexible working attitude. Previous proffesional experience and knowledge of
suppliers in Makassar will be viewed
favorable. Current driver’s license (car and motorbike) are required.

This is a four month role, commencing 1 Oct 2009. The CM
will work with the BCC team and liaise with the HMP TL.

The closing date for the application is on

September 12th, 2009, at 4pm. All applications must include a cover letter and
detailed CV (not more than 1 Mb). Please send application to Human
Resources Officer at makassar_hr@
chfindonesia. org with the name of position being applied for
in the subject heading. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for
CHF is an equal Employment Opportunity
employer and encourages applications from all regardless of gender, race,
ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

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