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Vacancy - Mercy Corps Banda Aceh : SURVEYORS



When the tsunami hit the coastal towns of Aceh province in December 2004, Mercy Corps immediately entered the province two days after the disaster hit. After conducting essential food and non food-item distributions in the early days after tsunami, Mercy Corps began cash for work activities and phased into programs that included support for early return of the displaced persons, economic and livelihoods and social revitalization.

After the emergency phase, Mercy Corps has switching the program from relief to development and is focused on community development that improves economic well being, social well being and governance.

To date, Mercy Corps has helped communities to build or rehabilitated more than 800
infrastructure projects in over 140 villages. All those projects were prioritized by the communities through Mercy Corps Community Mobilization approach. This cooperative- decision making approach guides and train communities to identify their own needs and resources and assists them to come up with possible solutions to various problems that the community members may be facing. It promotes participatory action, good governance, accountability and peaceful change.

Two years after Mercy Corps started to build or rehabilitate infrastructure projects, the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team conducted a field study of maintenance and usage of the infrastructure. The field study was focused only on the buildings funded
under our first grant from the American Red Cross and conducted between July and August 2008.

The main objective of the field study is to measure one of our current grant indicators in the Logical Framework:

Increased usage of infrastructure and greater capacity to address future needsVillages have active committees for infrastructure maintenance and on-going community activities and infrastructure maintenance.

The findings and recommendations from this field study were shared to our beneficiaries during a large community meeting at Aceh Museum at the end of August 2008.

Currently, Mercy Corps has completed an additional 100 infrastructure projects and the number will be higher as more proposals are processed. As we approach the end of our program cycle, the M&E Team together with the Community Development Team decided to conduct a second field study related to the above indicators.

The results from this second field study will be compared against the first field study results. This will enable us to see the progress of any improvement of the maintenance
and usage. This data will be included in the final report.

Surveyors Requirements

This survey requires surveyors with adequate experiences in collecting data from community through various methods.

The surveyors must have the following skills and capacity:

Interview techniqueFacilitati ng techniqueData entryAcehnese language skills preferredUnderstand local custom and culturePreferably understand local languageEqual number of women and menAbility to travel and work flexible hours (community members are more likely to be home on weekend or evening hours)

Approximately we will require 5-6 surveyors for this survey for 5 working days including data entry.

Surveyors Responsibilities

Tools and technique orientationData collections
in 40 villages using one-on-one interview method, fgd, and site observations. Adhere to Mercy Corps principles in surveying; explaining survey objectives to respondents, no promise for any assistances, no promise to financial or grant support.Data entry using Mercy Corps sheets.

If you are interested please send your applications before september 7,2009,to:

Jl.Krueng wayla No.1, Geucu Komplek
Kec.Banda Raya, Banda Aceh
Phone :0651-48125, fax :0651-48047
email: .org

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