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The Strategies Against Flu Emergence (SAFE) is a three-year program (March 15, 2011 – March 14, 2014) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) based in Jakarta, and implemented by Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI).

SAFE aims to bring a technical approach that addresses the underlying incentives that drive the commercial poultry sector in Indonesia to address biosecurity and good farming practices (GFP). SAFE will engage Indonesian entrepreneurs who are willing to pilot new approaches and demonstrate best practices, and spur a larger movement toward integration of GFP and biosecurity into day-to-day operations.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Analyze disease risk within targeted sectors and identify opportunities for interventions to decrease these risks together with other members of the team;
• Identify new private sector partners i.e. companies, organizations, associations, etc. for providing the desired interventions;
• On the basis of consultations with private sector and partner organizations, professional experience and input from the other team specialists, formulate partnership models to be piloted;
• Define appropriate strategies for working with the private sector drawing upon personal experience and knowledge;
• Identify incentives that will stimulate demand for biosecurity services by private sector partners;
• Assist with marketing strategy, to include business case, supporting data and materials, to serve as tools when meeting with private sector businesses;
• Identify critical avian influenza control points within Sector 1-3 value chains and analyze their impacts on producers, uptake of biosecurity services and their financial implications;
• Identify and formally bring together the appropriate entities to constitute the model pilot biosecurity service partnerships;
• Develop mutually beneficial agreements with service providers and participating producers spelling out clearly their respective roles and responsibilities as well as the support SAFE will provide under the pilot program;
• Provide each pilot program with targeted technical assistance in the design and implementation of biosecurity program and good farming practices; and
• Based on audit results, offer suggestions to pilot service providers for improving performance.

• DVM or advanced degree relevant to commercial poultry production preferred but not required
• Experience designing and implementing biosecurity programs for large and small poultry operations
• Experience with good farm management practices and animal/poultry disease prevention
• A minimum of 8 years applied management experience with commercial poultry farms
• Experience with the business side of poultry production
• Demonstrated success in the development of public private partnerships
• Previous collaboration with international organizations such as FAO and OIE preferred
• Bahasa Indonesian and English fluency required
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to work effectively in a team environment.

The Commercial Poultry Advisor will be based in Jakarta and will report directly to the SAFE Senior Commercial Poultry Specialist.

Please submit your application to no later than 10 August 2011.

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